Survey on double yellow lines

You can submit this survey by either:

  • returning the form delivered through your door to the village shop;
  • filling out the online survey (below).

Cottingham Parish Council will use the information gathered through this survey to inform their next steps with regard to parking restrictions in the village.

Note about the online form: ‘Your form number’
You will find your form number on the paper form that is being delivered to your door. If you can’t find your form, please contact the Clerk at 

Online Survey Form

Cottingham Parish Council Survey

Q1: I would like the yellow lines to remain as they are.

Q2: If you have answered NO to question 1, what changes would you like to see to the layout of the yellow lines (please tick)?

Q3: If yellow lines remain in the village, would you support them being painted thinner and in a paler (cream or primrose) colour, in accordance with Historic England guidelines for conservation areas?

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